PhD Research Design Assistance

Before constructing anything afresh, a layout is needed as a foundation. Research design for a PhD thesis is that layout on which it is based or the plan that it will follow.

Elements of research design

  • The type of study or methodology, which may be qualitative or quantitative, descriptive, experimental, etc.
  • Research questions and objectives of study
  • Hypothesis or the theory that you intend to prove
  • Experimental design
  • Data collection method and sample size
  • Plan for analysis of data, mentioning the tests and statistical programs to be used

Typically, the research design will need to be designed and stated in the proposal itself since the review committee will want to know your plans for the research. We offer this service as a part of proposal development as well as an exclusive research design service.

Types of research design

  • Fixed or flexible: A fixed design is created before the stage of data collection and is mostly applied to quantitative studies. It does not allow much deviation from the plan; hence, it must be carefully drafted. On the other hand, a flexible design gives some leeway in terms of variables and method of analysis, which can be changed depending on the data available and conditions of study. Most qualitative studies have flexible design. An ideal design has a certain degree of flexibility, while being overall rigid.
  • Experimental or quasi experimental: These types of designs clarify whether you intend to carry out the study in a laboratory atmosphere, in controlled manner, or as a field study with independent variables.
  • Descriptive: These designs are meant for qualitative studies, which are reported in a narrative style. These include case studies, ethnographic studies and surveys.
  • Review: It is simply a review of information. Some studies which are purely theoretical and written as literature review follow this research design.

To come up with an effective research design, one must be familiar with the types of methodologies, the one that is to be followed for the study, as well as the analytical tools for each methodology. Our team of experts guide you in selecting the correct methodology to arrive at accurate results and devise an appropriate research design considering the nuances of your project. Contact our team and discuss your design requirements today.

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