Editing Service for PhD Thesis

Confused about penning your ideas to the paper? Not sure about the structure to be followed for a manuscript? Or do you lack focus? If you are facing any of this, it’s time to consult a development editor!

Now, who is a development editor and how is she different from a regular editor? A development editor aids an author before or during the preparation of a manuscript, as opposed to just an editor who reviews and improves a document after it has been written. It is due to the role played by development editors in the creation of a document that they are so named. Also, a development editor has a specialised role and does not focus on checking the grammar, articles or spellings.

How we help

Our team of development editors will help you with the following:

  • Choosing a topic or framing the title
  • Preparing the overall structure of the manuscript
  • Following a certain format for presentation
  • Making chapter wise layout with proper headers and sub sections
  • Use of academic language and vocabulary
  • Checking the accuracy of facts and figures
  • Choosing literature references
  • Ensuring that the matter is not plagiarised

While a development editor is typically engaged before the preparation of the draft of a manuscript, you may even seek assistance after you are done writing. In this case, we will undertake a thorough review of the document and suggest substantial changes.

Why development editing

Many scholars do not consider taking professional assistance and end up writing a manuscript that is ultimately rejected by peer reviewers and journal publishers. Seeking guidance from a development editor does not imply your insufficiency in the subject field. Several research authors may be deft with the technical aspects, but their expression may not meet international standards. In such a case, it is best to seek assistance from development editors.

You can also solicit assistance if your manuscript has been rejected by some publishers and needs extensive changes. Our team of development editors will modify the manuscript while keeping your ideas and facts intact.

If you are planning to write a research paper in support of your PhD research, consult our team for valuable insights and quality outcomes.

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