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Each chapter of a thesis is vital and equally important. While all chapters demand equal attention, the level of difficulty that they pose for every scholar may differ. Some candidates find the literature review chapter the most daunting; for others data analysis proves to be the Achilles heel.

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Thesis Chapters

Standard chapters in a thesis include:
  • Abstract: Though this is not considered to be a full-fledged chapter of the thesis, it still is a crucial part and we provide abstract writing as an exclusive service. An abstract summarises the strengths of a research project, highlighting the objectives, research questions and reason for taking up the study. For abstract writing, we would require your draft chapters or at least the approved proposal of thesis.
  • Introduction: The introduction chapter necessarily includes details about the problem being addressed, the gap in current knowledge, the practical impact of the problem being addressed, the significance of the study and the proposed solution to the problem. The hypothesis also forms part of the introduction.
  • Literature Review: For chapter two, our experts begin with finding the most suitable references, including journals, books, online sources, etc. If you provide your own collection of references, the experts will review it for reliability and relevance. We ensure proper format and structure and use appropriate citation styles.
  • Research Methods: When you solicit assistance for this chapter, our team will suggest the most appropriate research method along with a comparison with other methods. Our team has expertise with both qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Data Analysis: Most scholars need assistance with the analysis of data. Here at Fivevidya, we assign the task to PhD statisticians, who are well versed with software like SPSS, SAS, AMOS, N Vivo, etc. The analysis is carried out with 100% accuracy and clarity.
  • Results and Discussion: The inference of analysis needs to be presented in a simplified manner. In this chapter, we present the findings so as to facilitate comprehension and also relate them to the objectives of study or the research questions, thus implying successful completion of the project. Further scope for research in the field is also discussed in detail.
  • Conclusion: A concrete solution leaves a lasting impression on the readers. The conclusion must summarize the study, highlighting the need for research on the topic and emphasize on the practical applications of the proposed solution.

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