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PhD Thesis Editing Service Bangalore

Being confident about your work is good; but getting overconfident and skipping the revision can spell disaster. We have worked with numerous candidates who were thorough with the facts and figures that they presented in their PhD thesis, but lacked structure and grammatical precision. In India, English is generally the second language and hence the PhD candidates lag behind in presentation and vocabulary. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and improper citation, all lead to disappointing grades. Thus, editing becomes imperative before submission of any academic document.

The editing Process

Here is a glimpse of the editing process that we follow:

  • Receive documents for editing: The process begins when we receive the documents that you desire to get edited. You may choose to send us a hard copy or simply email us the document. Our team also offers chapter wise editing.
  • Stating the revision dimensions: Our team indulges in thorough scanning of the received documents to ascertain the actual amount of work required. At times, the candidate may understate revision requirements and thus a review by experts assumes much importance. The experts also ascertain the time required for such revision.
  • Assign editor: Once the scope of work and date of delivery have been fixed, an English editor and a consultant with adequate knowledge of the concerned field are together assigned the task of making necessary revisions. Together they check the document for errors in grammar, spelling and typo, terminology, facts, graphical presentation, vocabulary and structure.
  • Delivery of first draft: After making the corrections and suggesting further changes, we deliver the first edited draft. The length of the thesis is also checked and reductions are made as deemed appropriate, without compromising on important details.
  • Client feedback: The client reviews the edited document and provides feedback. The client may send back the documents along with instructions for further revision or addressing of certain issues.
  • Prepare final draft: According to the feedback received, we further edit the document and apply the changes that add value to the project. The final draft is delivered well within the deadline.

What sets us apart is the fact that our editors do not rest till you and your research guide are completely satisfied with the quality of the document. Our team does not rely on editing software or spell check tools but rather scan each document manually, multiple times to ensure zero error. For more information about our editors or for a free sample, send us a request at

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