Base Papers For Implementation

A base paper is a sample project report, or a paper that has been published by a prior researcher, that scholars use as reference material for completing their PhD thesis. The ideas presented in the base papers are further explored for fresh insight.

Desirable qualities of a base paper
  • Reliable: The research work and the results must both be valid.
  • Design and methods: the methodology used in the base paper must be similar to the project for which it is being used as reference. This is especially vital for experimental research papers.
  • Relevant: The research in the base paper must be in the same subject area. For instance, a data mining research may be used for a research addressing a different issue within the field of data mining. This will ensure that the data sources used are recent and relevant.
  • Clear: the analysis presented in the base paper must be clear and easy to comprehend in terms of modules, graphs and illustrations.
  • Presentation: The language used in the base paper must strictly be academic and appropriate to the particular knowledge domain. This will help a scholar understand the extent to which technical terms can be used. Further, the structure and format of the paper must be according to the style that is applicable.
Our service

We provide assistance to scholars in choosing base papers that fulfil all the above parameters. Our team carries out a thorough study of published papers to provide the most recent and relevant base papers in the subject area.

We also provide service for fresh paper writing and ensure that no content id copied from the base papers. The base papers are only used as reference and fresh papers are completely original and authentic. We emphasize on developing novel insight and writing an original report so that the knowledge gained by a candidate is unique and accurate.

When you send us a request for a base paper, please mention your area of specialization and project topic. Our consultants will get in touch with you to understand your requirement in detail and provide you with the most appropriate base papers that will simplify the task of thesis writing.

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