Implementation – Matlab, NS2, Labview, Opnet

A PhD research work involves implementation of certain software. Modern day research is not solely dependent upon the aptitude of scholars; there are a number of specially designed software programs that assist researchers. This is particularly true for scholars pursuing research in the field of information technology, computer science, electronics and electrical engineering.

The accurate application of such software is not easy and requires a certain degree of skill and experience. At Fivevidya, we assist scholars in first choosing the appropriate implementation software and then with its application. Our team of experienced professionals has thorough knowledge of the techniques and stays abreast with evolving technologies.

How we help

The service for implementation is a dynamic and interactive one. It is dynamic since our team keeps pace with the latest developments and receives timely training to operate and apply the evolving software. It is also highly interactive, as we follow dual learning method of mentoring. While we guide scholars for application of the chosen software, they get a chance to learn about the tools and techniques in detail, which in turn proves to be highly beneficial in the long run.

All correspondence is through email or live online chat sessions.

Our implementation services

  • An assessment of the requirement and scope of implementation through in depth study
  • Selection of suitable software according to the methodology followed
  • Step by step, error-free implementation process.
  • Answering queries and removing doubts through a collaborative approach

The tools that most often call for assistance during implementation are simulation programs like MATLAB, Simulink, Java and Network Simulator 2. They help in creating virtual models that are very close to real world situations, aimed at testing of hypothesis based on certain variables.

For assistance on implementation of simulation tools, reach our team at phdhelp@fivevidya.com Professional guidance with implementation of software will definitely add value to your project and ensure timely completion.

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