Data Analysis using SPSS

Have you been struggling with the data analysis for your thesis? Welcome to the club! Most students falter and face problems with the analysis, which forms the fourth chapter of the thesis. The reasons for such challenges are manifold. Firstly, not everyone is familiar with the analytical tools and software that need to be used at the PhD level. Second, most students have basic statistical knowledge which is not adequate for complex analysis of vast data. Also, with the pressure to complete the research work in time, the probability of making mistakes or missing out some figures remains high.

It thus makes sense to seek expert assistance for this part of the research.

Our Team:

Fivevidya has a team of PhD statisticians, who adopt a collaborative approach for offering statistical guidance. The team is experienced in the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data and familiar with the application of various software programs. Our statistical team is equipped to analyse the most complex data, even within short deadlines. The experts are patient and willing to answer the queries of all the clients.

Statistical Tools:

Our service for data analysis includes data mining. We have been using the following software for analysis:

  • SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)
  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
  • E Views (for econometric studies)
  • AMOS (for structural equation modeling)
  • N Vivo (for qualitative data analysis)

If you need any other software program to be applied for analysis, you need to specify the same while placing the order.

Statistical Tests:

Choosing an appropriate statistical test is an important decision since the accuracy of findings and results is largely dependent on this very decision. It is advisable that you consult an expert before finally executing a test. Some of the most accurate and commonly chosen tests are:

  • Wilcoxon - Mann Whitney test
  • Chi square test
  • Paired/ independent T-test
  • Fisher’s exact test
  • Multiple variable linear regression
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Simple logistic regression
  • Factor analysis

The choice of statistical test rests on the nature and number of variables, the methodology used and the objectives of the study. Our experts will guide through this choice while considering all the factors significant to your research.

Get in touch with our statistical team at phdhelp@fivevidya.com for assistance on implementation and application of analytical software. Face your review committee in confidence with accurate results and knowledge about analysis.

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