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PhD Thesis Format

Format, as most people would believe, is not just the layout of a document. It actually includes every aspect of presentation of the document, as per the guidelines of your university. Formatting of a PhD thesis can be tough, considering the length of the document and the number of elements that need to be checked. Thus, it is always advisable to get the thesis formatted by an experienced editor.

Formatting checklist

Here is a list of aspects that you must check while formatting your thesis:

  • Structure: Structure will include aspects like layout, order of paragraphs and sections, logical flow and transition, and grammatical precision.
  • Citation: Each university will follow a specific style of citation. Every source used in the document must be cited and done so as per the citation guidelines.
  • Margins: The width of margins is also mentioned in the guidelines. Make sure you follow the same throughout the document.
  • Labelling and numbering: The labelling and numbering of graphs, charts, illustrations, images and tables must be in proper order and according to the prescribed guidelines. The positioning of such elements must also be correct.
  • Pagination: Does your college require the pagination to be done on the top corner or bottom centre of the page? Verify the guidelines and follow the same correctly.
  • Headers: Have you given headers for all sections and sub sections? How do the headers need to be written and positioned? Underline and italicise the headers as required.
  • Font style and size: Most universities ask for Times New Roman font in size 12. However, verify the font style and size that your university needs you to follow. It may be different for title page, body content and headers.
  • Sequence: Have you included the bibliography and index? Are all chapters and other material in proper order? It is imperative to ensure proper order and sequence in your final draft.

Thesis formatting may take a maximum of 3-4 days. While placing your order for formatting of a thesis, mention the formatting style and any special instructions provided by your university.

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