PhD – Embarking the Journey

A PhD degree is a foyer to the coveted world of academicians. Throughout the journey of PhD research, you will be writing a lot, developing fresh insights on the issues that you study, and sharing your ideas with your peers. While a PhD degree is indeed highly desirable, attaining the same is not easy. The lengthy research process, paucity of time and resources and lack of proper guidance make many candidates hesitant of taking up the challenge. Once undertaken, the key to making it to the end of this journey is remaining determined and resolute till the end.

Why PhD?

The decision to pursue a PhD should be well thought and backed by rational logic. Why do you want to earn a PhD? Is it just for attaining a higher and coveted academic degree? Do you really want to be an academic author or professor and the PhD is your stepping stone? Are you seriously motivated to address a scientific or social problem?. If your reasons for taking up this tedious yet rewarding journey are not clear, chances of dropping out mid-way remain significantly high. You don’t want to be sitting tired and depressed amidst a heap of research material and asking yourself why you are doing this.

Some factors to consider:

  • The university/ organization: While it is wonderful to be associated with the most reputed universities, not everyone can get there. Make sure that the university or professional organization you are working with completely supports your idea for research and assists you with resources. Enquire about the faculty and guides available, procedures, submission rules and provisions for extension.
  • Supervisor and research committee: In most cases, you will have a say in appointing the members of your research committee. Get to know about the probable members and solicit their cooperation as needed. An erudite guide will be an asset for your PhD research. Besides being knowledgeable, your guide must be genuinely interested in your research and willing to take it to completion. Someone who is a perfectionist may hold up your project till eternity. Your guide must also be open to constructive discussion and fresh ideas.
  • Feasibility of research: How long will the research work take? Will you be able to balance your job and academic work? Is your family supportive of your work? You may need to travel for gathering data and incur some expenses for experiments, etc. Consider all these aspects and plan your work accordingly.

If you have any doubts lurking in your mind, please feel free to call us. Our mentors will be happy to discuss your problems and suggest the best recourse.

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